Stereo Microscope

The Stereo Microscope is an important type of microscope, mainly used in industry, electronics industry, textile industry, etc. When purchasing, you need to choose different stereo microscopes according to different zoom ratios.

The stereo microscope has a simple shape and structure and is easy to install. The head can be used with a variety of bases and light sources.

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SZ Series Stereo Microscope 1

SZ Series Stereo Microscope

Click the button below to contact us: Description SZ series stereo microscopes are produced by our factory and are divided into three categories: SZ650, SZ680, and SZ810. Classified differently according to the magnification of each series. Among them, the SZ650 only has a binocular head, and the base of the microscope has a variety of specifications that can be matched. Stereo microscopes, also known as dissecting microscopes, are widely used in biology, medicine, agriculture, industry, etc., especially in the electronics industry, and are a good tool for repairing mobile phones. | Features of SZ Series Stereo Microscope Various Accessories, Complete Function….
XTL7045 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope 1

XTL7045 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

Click the button below to contact us: Description XTL7045 Series Zoom Stereo Microscopes are used with 7X~45X eyepieces and square bases. Among them, the square base includes those with and without light sources, please match them according to your needs. This series of microscopes is affordable and of good quality, and there are three and two eyes to choose from, with a variety of types to meet various needs. The stereo microscope is mainly used for testing electronic components, and repairing mobile phones, and can also be used for textile testing, biological observation, etc. | Main Specification of XTL7045 Series Zoom…
XTL7045-J Series Zoom Stereo Microscope 1

XTL7045-J Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

XTL7045-J series zoom stereo microscope adopts a streamlined integrated mechanical design, Easy operation, long working distance, clear resolved image, and enclosure integrated.
XTL6555 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope 4

XTL6555 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

XTL6555 series zoom stereo microscopes have a biggish zoom ratio, magnification from low to high non-flash in focusing course, large depth of field, and long working distance. it has many kinds of attachments.
XT24 Series Stereo Microscope 1

XT24 Series Stereo Microscope

XT24 Series Stereo Microscope is an implemental stereo microscope. Because of eximious contrast, deep depth off the field and high resolution, it is widely used in Agriculture, Jewelry, the electronic industry, Precision mechanisms, etc., and also suitable for viewing 3D objects in both natural and engineering fields.
Universal Stand for Stereo Microscope 1

Universal Stand for Stereo Microscope

The single universal stand is simpler, and it is more convenient to move, install and use. The double universal stand is more stable, and it is not easy to shift when fixed on the desktop.
HS-72 LED Ring Light 1

HS-72 LED Ring Light

HS-72 LED ring light has four levels of light adjustment, and the brightness of the light can also be adjusted.