Nursing Training Manikin

Our nursing manikins include elderly care, postoperative care, injection and infusion models, catheterization and enema, gastric lavage, and sputum suction. These manikins are made of PVC material and are mainly used for medical school training. The functions of the products are all one-to-one training and different products meet different training needs.

Medical simulators are used to train and simulate medical knowledge through manufactured dummies and provide systematic training for current medical students and medical staff. The main features are that it can be used many times without damage; the product has an ISO qualification certificate and can be exported; it comes with one year of after-sales maintenance service. If you have any technical questions, you can consult at any time. Please choose the product you need based on its function. If you don’t understand the product, consult our professionals in detail.

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SC-H4-1 Transparent Gastric Lavage Model

SC-H4-1 Transparent Gastric Lavage Model

SC-H4-1 transparent gastric lavage model is based on a male as a template, with an electronic warning device, and there will be prompts when the operation is correct or wrong.
SC-H72 Parenteral Alimentation Nursing Model

SC-H72 Parenteral Alimentation Nursing Model

SC-H72 parenteral alimentation nursing model is a nursing medical model. It’s a kind of nursing skill medical manikin using advanced PVC material, it can be reused many times and is not easy to be deformed and damaged.
Enema and assisted defecation model

SC-H35 Enema and Assisted Defecation Model

SC-H35 is an advanced enema and assisted bowel training manikin. This product is a nursing model, simulating long-term bedridden patients with unchanged movements or elderly and weak defecation patients.
Electronic Arm Venipuncture Model

SC-HS4 Electronic Arm Venipuncture Model

SC-HS4 electronic arm venipuncture model is precision-processed from high-quality PVC raw materials. The degree of simulation is relatively high, and the feeling of getting started is more real.