Medical Manikin

Medical manikins are mainly used for teaching and training so that these medical staff and students can have basic first-aid knowledge and professional skills. The manikins we sell include CPR manikins, clinical training manikins, nursing training manikins, and human anatomy simulators. We have most of the sales categories on the market, and they can meet your requirements.

Our products are made of advanced PVC material, which is durable and not easily damaged. In terms of product performance, it can be used hundreds or thousands of times and is mainly used for training and teaching. The functions of each product are different and need to be chosen carefully. You can also ask our sales staff to recommend suitable product models.

  • Advanced PVC material, durable;
  • Factory supplied, with one-year after-sales service;
  • Export packaging, English operation manual;
  • Complete certificates, including ISO and other qualification certificates.

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SC-H4-1 Transparent Gastric Lavage Model

SC-H4-1 Transparent Gastric Lavage Model

SC-H4-1 transparent gastric lavage model is based on a male as a template, with an electronic warning device, and there will be prompts when the operation is correct or wrong.
SC-H72 Parenteral Alimentation Nursing Model

SC-H72 Parenteral Alimentation Nursing Model

SC-H72 parenteral alimentation nursing model is a nursing medical model. It’s a kind of nursing skill medical manikin using advanced PVC material, it can be reused many times and is not easy to be deformed and damaged.