HS-71 LED Ring Light for Microscope

  • Light intensity adjustment
  • Stereo microscope accessory, low price
  • Reliability and Durability
  • Low Power Consumption, Super Brightness
  • Metal Shell

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HS-71 LED ring light for microscope uses an LED light source, which has a long service life and stable light source brightness. It can adjust the brightness by adjusting the knob, there is no partition lighting. The overall color of the product is black, and the plug can be configured according to the customer’s national standard.

HS-71 LED Ring Light for Microscope 2
HS-71 LED Ring Light for Microscope 5

| Features of HS-71 LED Ring Light for Microscope

  1. Intensity Adjustment, Good Variable Control Permit Gradual Increase in Brightness
  2. Reliability and Durability
  3. Low Power Consumption, Super Brightness
  4. Metal Shell
  5. Reasonable Design, Uniformity Light, Non-flicker & Shadow

| Applications of HS-71 LED Ring Light for Microscope

Stereo microscopes and machine vision systems inspect or image as illumination.

HS-71 LED ring light for microscopes can be used for our SZ stereo microscope, SZX, XTL series stereo microscope, etc. It can be used only by installing it at the position of the objective lens. The product is primarily intended for illuminating stereomicroscopes. This is suitable for microscopes with no light source on the base.

| Specifications of HS-71 LED Ring Light for Microscope

LED Qty72 LED bulbs
Mounting Diameter62mm, Outer Diameter: 98mm
Input PowerDC12V 1000mA
Input VoltageUniversal 100-240V AC
Output Power7.2W
LED Color Temperature±6500K
LED Luminance>15000mcd
LED Angle18°(Consistent)
LED Lifetime100,000hrs
Working Distance95-115mm
LED ColorWhite(Optional Other Colors)

| Standard Configuration of HS-71 LED Ring Light for Microscope

72LED Lamp, Light Control Box, DC12V Power Supply

| Company

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