Metallurgical Microscope

Metallurgical Microscopes are mainly used to identify and analyze the organizational structure of various metals, alloy materials, and non-metallic materials. They are widely used in factories or laboratories for raw material inspection; metallographic analysis of steel, non-ferrous metal materials, castings, and coatings; and petrographic analysis in geological.

Metallurgical Microscopes are essential instruments for metallurgy and material science to study the structure of materials, and also powerful assistants in the field of scientific research and teaching.

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MIT200 Metallurgical Microscope 1

MIT200 Metallurgical Microscope

MIT200 metallurgical microscope is a relatively basic microscope produced by us, which is suitable for teaching and student learning.
MDJ Metallurgical Microscope

MDJ Metallurgical Microscope

MDJ metallographic microscope is a relatively basic laboratory equipment. This inverted microscope is equipped with an infinite Plan objective with a long working distance.