Polarizing Microscope

Polarizing Microscopes can be divided into transmitted polarized light observation, emitted polarized light observation, or polarized light microscopes that integrate transmission and reflection.

Our Polarizing Microscopes ranging from simple polarizing microscopes to professional laboratory polarizing microscopes. They primarily used for the study of so-called transparent and opaque anisotropic materials.

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B-POL Polarizing Microscope 1

B-POL Polarizing Microscope

The monocular shape is simple and stylish, allowing for direct observation. It is suitable for students to use, or those who are beginners in microscopy.
BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope 1

BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope

BK-POL series polarizing microscope is also named mineralogical microscope. It is necessary for researching double refraction sample, which is widely used in geology, mineral, chemical industry, medical, drug, criminal investigation fields etc.