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Chongqing Scope Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Chongqing, China, and is committed to the export trade of laboratory instruments. Our customers are from more than 30 countries around the world, mainly serving Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions.

Our team has more than ten years of experience in foreign trade and export, and provides a variety of laboratory products, including biological experiments, metallographic experiments and other instruments needed by various laboratories. We now supply:

● Microscope

● Lab Consumable

●Medical Manikin

● Metallurgical Sample Cutting Machine

● Metallurgical Sample Mounting Press

● Metallurgical Sample Grinding and Polishing Machine

● Hardness Tester

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Chongqing Scope Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier in the field of instruments and eqipments for laboratory, Medical training and Industry. We are located in one of the biggest cities of China,Chongqing.

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