XTL7045 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

  • 7X~45X magnification
  • Binocular and trinocular models, pillars stand with or without light
  • Be used for textile testing, biological observation, etc.

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The XTL7045 microscope is a popular and basic stereo microscope, also known as a dissecting microscope. This series has a 7X~45X magnification head with a square base. The base is more compact and has a round column, which is convenient for installation and operation. You can also choose with or without a light source according to your needs. The most important thing about a stereo microscope is the configuration of the head. The Zoom Ratio of this head is 1:6.4, which meets most of the needs of stereo microscopes on the market. It also continues zoom and focusing, and the eyepiece has a field of view of 20mm. If the light source does not need to be provided by the column, you can choose a ring light a fiber light, etc. We can provide them.

Microscope Zoom Stereo Binocular Model XTL7045-B1 Display
How to Install Stereo Microscope XTL7045-B1 Chongqing Scope?

| Main Specification of XTL7045 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

Binocular & Trinocular Head Angle of Viewing45°
Zoom Ratio1:6.4
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment Range55-75mm
Working Distance100mm
B1/T1 Pillar Stage (No light) Size200x 255x22mm
B2/T2 Pillar Stage (Up-down light) Size200x 255x40mm
B3 Pillar Lage Flat Base Size320x 260 x16mm

| Features of XTL7045 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

  1. The microscope has a magnification of 7X~45X and can add auxiliary objective lenses of 0.5X, 0.75X, or 2X.
  2. The head can be selected as binocular or trinocular, tilted 45°.
  3. The eyepiece comes standard with WF10X/20mm, and 15X and 20X are also available.
  4. The square base is small and exquisite, does not take up space, and is easy to carry.

| Optical Data of XTL7045 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

EyepieceStandard (1X objective)Auxiliary 0.5X ObjectiveAuxiliary 1.5X ObjectiveAuxiliary 2.0X Objective
MagnificationField of ViewMagnificationField of ViewMagnificationField of ViewMagnificationField of View

| Technical Specifications of XTL7045 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

Main body(Built-in 1X objective)
HeadBinocular head  
Trinocular headLight distribution: 0:100   
Additional Objective0.5XOOOOO
Focusing unitCoarse focus knobs
IlluminationNo light  
Up-down LED light   

Note: “●” is standard outfits, “O” is optional outfits

| Packing

This series of products are packed in cartons. Available in single packs duplex and triple packs.

This package size can only be used as a reference. If other accessories are included, you need to confirm the package specifications with us in detail.

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