SZX6745 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

  • 6.7X~45X magnification
  • Fully coated optical system with sharp and clear images with extremely good flatness and contrast
  • For industry, electronics industry, textile industry, etc

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SZX6745 series zoom stereo microscope, fully coated optical system sharp and clear images with extremely good flatness and contrast. It is characterized by a brand-new optical design, the best reproduction, and a true image. With their large zoom range and long working distance. These are ideal for high-magnification, high-resolution observation in biological research, precision-oriented semiconductors, and other industries.

SZX6745-J1-B Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope Lab Instrument

| Main Specification of SZX6745 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

Binocular & Trinocular Head Angle of Viewing45°
Zoom Ratio1:6.7
EyepieceWF10X22mm(Diopter adjustable eyepiece)
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment Range54-75mm
Working Distance110mm
J1 Pillar Sector Base No Light
Size: 285 x238mm
J2 Vertical Sector Base No light
Size: 285 x238mm
J3 Vertical Sector Base Up-down LED light
Size: 285 x238mm
J4 Pillar Sector BaseUp-down LED light
Size: 285 x238mm

| Optical Data of SZX6745 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

MagnificationField of ViewMagnificationField of ViewMagnificationField of View

| Technical Specifications of SZX6745 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

Main body (Built-in 1X objective)
HeadBinocular head
Trinocular headlight distribution: 50:50OOOO
Additional Objective0.5XOOOO
Focusing unitCoarse focus knobs
IlluminationNo light  
Up-down 3WLED light  

Note: “●” is standard outfits, “O” is optional outfits

Packing size: 52*29.5*42cm,     Gross weight: 6kgs,     Net Weight: 5kgs

| Universal Stand 

Regarding this series of stereo microscopes, we can also use it with a single universal stand and a double universal stand. This universal stand has a wider microscope observation range and a larger operating range.

SZX6745 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope 16

| Applications of SZX6745 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope

  • Stereo microscopes are mainly used in the electronics industry, textile industry, industry, biological detection, etc.
  • Applicable to major laboratories, schools, universities, hospitals, etc.
  • It can check the authenticity of currency, observe biological samples, detect textile fibers, repair mobile phones, etc.


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