Digital Microscope

Digital microscopes also belong to a category of biological microscopes. This series of microscopes mainly have built-in digital chips. The microscope can be directly connected to a computer and has corresponding measurement software.

Scopelab provides only two types of digital microscopes, one is B302E500 and the other is SMART-E500. They evolved from the B302 model and the SMART model respectively, and have a built-in 5MP digital chip.

The ease of use of the digital microscope greatly saves the installation steps and is convenient for direct use. This type of microscope can directly take pictures of the observed pictures and display them on the display screen for teaching and explanation.

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Smart-E500 Digital Microscope

Smart-E500 Digital Microscope

There is currently only one SMART series digital microscope with a built-in 5MP digital head. The standard configuration of the product is the EPlan objective lens, which can also be used with the Plan objective lens.