Metallurgical Sample Mounting Press

The Metallurgical Sample Mounting Press is used to mount irregular or smiling metallographic samples. With precision engineering and user-friendly features, this metallurgical mounting press has a relatively stable performance and is easy to use and safe. The small manual models are now recommended, and automatic models are available.

Our Metallurgical Mounting Press is designed to meet the exacting demands of materials science and metallurgy professionals. Whether in a research laboratory, quality control facility, or educational institution, our Metallurgical Mounting Press is the key to achieving consistently high-quality, reliable results in your metallographic studies.

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ZXQ-1 Automatic Metallographic Sample Mounting Press 1

ZXQ-1 Automatic Metallographic Sample Mounting Press

It adopts automatic mechanical pressurization, and the mounting process is controlled by the program, which realizes one-button operation of heating, pressurization, pressure keeping, cooling, pressure relief, and other mounting processes without operation.