SZ Series Stereo Microscope

  • Three series: SZ650/SZ680/SZ810
  • A variety of magnifications and bases can be selected and matched
  • Are widely used in biology, medicine, agriculture, industry, etc., especially in the electronics industry

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SZ series stereo microscopes are produced by our factory and are divided into three categories: SZ650, SZ680, and SZ810. Classified differently according to the magnification of each series. Among them, the SZ650 only has a binocular head, and the base of the microscope has a variety of specifications that can be matched. Stereo microscopes, also known as dissecting microscopes, are widely used in biology, medicine, agriculture, industry, etc., especially in the electronics industry, and are a good tool for repairing mobile phones.

SZ Series Stereo Microscope 1
Stereo Zoom Microscope SZ680BP Industrial Tools for Textile PCB Repairing

| Features of SZ Series Stereo Microscope

  1. Outstanding Ergonomic Design
  • SZ680/810 35°viewing angle, SZ650 40°viewing angle, suitable for long-term sitting observation.
  • 330mm×300mm big stand, high stability, applied to all kinds of anatomy of specimen.
  1. Top Optical & Mechanical Design
  • Greenough optical system, built-in rotating shaft zoom system.
  • No tilting Image in the left &right light path in the complete pupillary distance, no dizziness feeling after a long time of observing.
  • (patent number: 201320807246.0)
  • The stereo angle for the left & right light paths is 12°, stereoscopic effect, large viewing field, and high zoom ratio.
  1. Excellent Technology And Quality
  • High resolution, large depth of field, excellent color restoration and contrast.
  • Operation comfortable(manufactured by high-precision machine, excellent assembly technology ).
  • High-end material(PC resin cover, aluminum alloy, copper alloy parts, austenite stainless steel driving parts).
  1. International Level Appearance Design
  • Elegant shape, high-end and integrated appearance design, comfortable operation.
  1. Various Accessories, Complete Function.
  • Different video output connectors, built-in digital image model.
  • Illumination optional: LED, halogen lamp, cold light source, etc. (100V-240V wide voltage input).
  • Various professional stands and operating attachments.
SZ Series Stereo Microscope 6
Pillar Stand, Focusing Arm Stand
Pillar Stand, Focusing Arm Stand
SZ Series Stereo Microscope 8
Users can limit the zoom range as per. Rotating switching to video output and input, 100% light distribution.

| Different Types of SZ Series Stereo Microscope

| Main Technical Specification

Objectives Zoom Range0.7X-4.5X0.68X-4.7X0.65X-5.3X
Zoom  Ratio1: 6.81: 8.11 : 8.1
Field Diameter (mm) Φ22Φ23Φ24
Working Distance (mm)      110110110
Stereo Angle ( °)121212
Viewing Angle  ( °)403535
Interpupillary Adjustable Distance (mm)50-7550-7550-75
Video Output DistributionNO100%(0:100 standard)
70:30 (optional) (70%for eyepiece, 30% for photography)
Guide Rail Stand Focusing Distance (mm)80
Pillar Stand Focusing Distance (mm)115

| SZ650 Series Objective & Eyepiece Parameter List (0.7×-4.5×)

Additional Objective0.5X1X(built-in)2X
Field dia. (mm)62.9~9.831.43~4.8915.71~2.44
Field dia. (mm)45.71~7.1122.86~3.5611.43~1.78
Field dia.(mm)34.28~5.3317.14~2.678.57~1.33

| SZ680 Series Objective & Eyepiece Parameter List (0.68×-4.7×)

Additional Objective0.5X1X(built-in)2X
Field dia. (mm)67.65~9.7933.82~4.8916.91~2.46
Field dia. (mm)47.06~6.8123.53~3.4011.76~1.70
Field dia.(mm)35.294~5.1117.65~2.558.82~1.28

| SZ810 Series Objective & Eyepiece Parameter List (0.65×-5.3×)

Additional Objective0.5X1X(built-in)2X
Field dia. (mm)72.73~9.4136.92~4.5318.18~2.26
Field dia. (mm)49.18~6.0323.08~3.0111.53~1.50
Field dia. (mm)39.92~4.5318.18~2.269.09~1.13

| SZ650/680/810 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope General Layout Diagram

| SZ650/680/810 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope Outfit

Main BodyBinocular    
10XEyepiece/Φ23mm  ●●●●●●●●    
10XEyepiece/Φ24mm      ●●●●●●●●
15XEyepiece/Φ16 mm○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○
0.5X/0.75X/2X Objective
Focusing unit
No light     
Reflecting 3W LED(DC input)     
Transmitting 3W LED(DC input)     
Black & white Plate
Glass Plate     
Arm stand
Pillar stand
Focusing Arm stand
Base (330×300mm)
C-mount 0.5X, 0.7X, 1X      

Note:”●” In Table Is Standard Outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

| SZ650/680/810 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope Size(mm)


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