Clinical Training Manikin

The Clinical Training Manikins mainly provide some puncture training, intra-articular injection, and other models. In simulated real training scenarios, different clinical skills manikins are suitable for different training purposes, and corresponding clinical training models need to be selected according to different requirements.

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Preoperative Asepsis Operation Training Model

SC-LV19 Preoperative Asepsis Operation Training Model

SC-LV19 preoperative asepsis operation training model is widely used in surgical area disinfection and draping operation training.  It’s a kind of clinical training manikin mainly for operation training before surgery.
Senior Trocar Practice Model

SC-LV11 Senior Trocar Practice Model

This is a small operation training model. The transparent base allows you to watch the operation process and results, which is better for teaching drills and corrections.
Pneumothorax Treatment Manikin

SC-LQ7 Pneumothorax Treatment Manikin

SC-LQ7 pneumothorax treatment manikin is a half torso of an adult. With the lifelike shape and realistic chest anatomy, the model provides a practical training tool for clinical teaching.
Peritoneum Dialysis Model

SC-L64 Peritoneum Dialysis Model

SC-L64 is a peritoneal dialysis simulator, mainly for training medical personnel in peritoneal dialysis techniques. SC-L64 peritoneum dialysis model is a kind of clinical training manikin made of advanced and excellent PVC material, which can be used many times and is not easily deformed.