SMART Series Biological Microscope

  • Finite and infinity optical system
  • Teaching level instrument, 40X~1000Xmagnification
  • A unique aspheric illumination system provides bright and comfortable lighting
  • Original integrated stand for excellent stability

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SMART Series Biological Microscope is a teaching-level microscope.  It is a kind of biological microscope widely used in schools, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and so on. This range of microscopes is divided into four distinct product lines. There are two categories of finite distance and infinite distance, and the difference between the achromatic objective lens and the Plan achromatic objective lens. Can be matched according to your own needs.

| Features of SMART Series Biological Microscope

SMART Series Biological Microscope has a square frame design, and a carrying device is designed on the back of the microscope for easy transportation. The lenses are all treated with anti-mold and anti-fog and have a long service life.

  • Excellent OTICS infinity optical system, outstanding resolution, and definition. 
  • Original integrated stand for excellent stability.
  • A unique aspheric illumination system provides bright and comfortable lighting.
  • Various colorful matching looks can provide a lively environment and a happy mood.
  • Various accessories for upgrading.
  • Back handle and observing hole convenient for carry and operation.
  • Alternative color for the main body.
Binocular Biological Microscope SMART-4 Low Price Chongqing Scope

| Components of SMART Series Biological Microscope

  • Wire winding device convenient for carry and storage (optional)
  • Phase contrast unit, Independent phase contrast unit (apply to infinity optical system)
  • Polarizer, analyzer for the simple polarizing unit.
Dry Dark Field Condenser
  • Dry Dark Field Condenser
  • Mirror

| Specification of SMART Series Biological Microscope

EyepieceWF 10X-18mm●●   
WF 10X- 20mm ●●●●●●
Finity  AchromaticObjective4X   
100X/1.25 (Oil) (S)   
Finity PlanObjective4X   
40X/0.65 (S)   
100X/1.25 (Oil) (S)   
Infinity E-PlanObjectives4X   
40X (S)   
100X (Oil) (S)   
Infinity PlanObjectives4X   
40X (S)   
100X (Oil) (S)   
Plan 20X  
Plan 60X (S)  
Butterfly SeidentopfBinocular HeadReckless(Integrated) stage, size: 140×135mm,Travel range: 75×35mm,
Two-slide holder
Butterfly SeidentopfTrinocular HeadInclined 30°,Rotatable 360°, Interpupillary Distance 48-75mm
Mechanical StageStage Size: 145 mm×140mmTravel: 76mmX52mm, Scale: 0.1mmCoaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing KnobsTravel Range: 26mm, Scale: 2umTwo Slide Holder
Rackless(Integrated) stage, size: 140×135mm,Travel range: 75×35mm,
Two-slide holder
CondenserAbbe N.A. 1.25(Iris Diaphragm)
Illumination3W-LED Illumination Systems(DC input)
12V/20W Halogen Lamp
12V/30W Halogen Lamp
Field Diaphragm 
Dark Field CondenserDry, apply to 4X – 40X objective
Polarizing AttachmentAnalyzer/Polarizer
Independent phase contrast unit10X /20X /40X /100X  
FluorescenceAttachmentEpi fluorescence unit (six-hole disc media which can be fixed with Uv/V/B/G),100W mercury lamp.  
Epi fluorescence unit (six-hole disc media which can be fixed with Uv /V/B/G), 5W-LED fluorescence lamp.  
FilterBlue /Green /Yellow
C-Mount1X/ 0.5X/0.75X (Focus adjustable)
Wire Winding Device 

Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

Packing Size: 550mm×380mm×290mm  Gross Weight: 7.5 kgs    Net Weight: 6.5 kgs

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  1. We have our own microscope factory, products can be customized with a logo, and accessories can be matched and purchased according to needs.
  2. Complete certificates and qualification certificates, we have CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and other related certificates required by some countries.
  3. The packaging of the product has independent packaging, and there are also two-packs and five-packs. They are all in central export packing cartons.
  4. Our after-sales 24 hours online to solve problems for customers. There is a dedicated technical team to support our after-sales repairs.


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