Smart-E500 Digital Microscope

  • Built-in 5MP digital camera
  • Infinite optical system, 40X~1000X magnification
  • Dustproof, moisture-proof, built-in chip
  • Light distribution 20:80, eyepiece observation synchronized with digital imaging without switching
  • Available for WINDOWS system

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There is currently only one SMART series digital microscope with a built-in 5MP digital head. The standard configuration of the product is the EPlan objective lens, which can also be used with the Plan objective lens. Smart-E500 digital microscope uses an infinity optical system, which can add phase contrast, dark field, etc. on the basis of biological bright field observation. It is a kind of kind of digital microscope. For other configurations please refer to our SMART series of biological microscopes.

Smart-E500 Digital Microscope 2

| Features of Smart-E500 Digital Microscope

  • Dustproof, moisture-proof, built-in chip.
  • Light distribution 20:80, eyepiece observation synchronized with digital imaging without switching.
  • Built-in 5MP digital camera system,1/2.8’’CMOS color sequential scanning.
  • USB 2.0 connection without external power supply.
  • Available for WINDOWS system. 
Digital Biological Microscope SMART-e500 Built-in 5MP CMOS Digital Camera for Laboratory

| SMART-E Digital Microscope Outfits

EyepieceWF 10X-20mm●●
Infinity EPlan Objective4X
40X/0.65 (S)
100X/1.25 (Oil) (S)
Seidentopf Binocular HeadStage Size: 145mm×140mm
Travel: 76mm×52mm, Scale: 0.1mm, Two Slide Holder
Mechanical StageStage Size: 145mm×140mm
Travel: 76mm×52mm, Scale: 0.1mm,Two Slide Holder
CondenserAbbe N.A. 1.25(Iris Diaphragm)
Illumination3W LED Illumination Systems
12V/20W Halogen Lamp
12V/30W Halogen Lamp
Image Systems 5 MP Pixel

Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

Packing Size: 550mm×380mm×290mm  Gross Weight: 8 kgs  Net Weight: 7 kgs

| SMART-E500 Digital Microscope Size(mm)

| Applications of Smart-E500 Digital Microscope

The digital microscope with a built-in digital head can easily export the observation atlas and display it on the computer. This is mainly used in school teaching, multi-functional classrooms, biological laboratories, medical research institutions, etc. This microscope is still suitable for observing some biological slices, tissues, microorganisms, etc.

application 2

| Package

The microscope is packed in a foam carton first, and then in a neutral carton. The delivery picture of the product is as follows, the whole machine plus some separately packaged spare parts. There will also be our dust cover and product leaflet.



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