The field of metallography is concerned with understanding the microstructure of metals and alloys. This microstructure is crucial in determining a material’s properties and behavior. However, analyzing these microscopic characteristics necessitates meticulous sample preparation. The metallographic mounting press plays an important role in this process. Let us learn the mounting press machines, know their importance, examine the various types available, and guide you in selecting the best press for your needs. Finally, we will discuss why Scopelab is the best supplier for your metallurgical sample mounting press.

XQ-1 Metallographic Sample Mounting Press

Why Do You Need a Metallographic Mounting Press?

A metallographic mounting press is a critical piece of equipment used to prepare samples for metallographic analysis. This analysis entails examining a metal or alloy’s microstructure to better understand its properties and behavior. Here’s an explanation of why this press is essential:

Sample EmbeddingMetallographic samples are typically small, irregularly shaped pieces of material. The mounting press is used to embed these samples in a solid mounting medium, usually a resin. This results in a consistent, disc-shaped mount that is easy to handle and process for further analysis.
Improved Grinding and PolishingThe mounting medium serves multiple purposes. It provides a firm foundation for the sample during grinding and polishing, which are necessary steps in preparing a smooth, reflective surface for microscopic examination. A secure mount keeps the sample from becoming damaged or dislodged during these processes.
Pore and Crack InfiltrationThe mounting press is especially important when working with porous or cracked samples. Molten resin can be injected into these voids by applying pressure during the embedding process with heated mounting media. This ensures a complete and gapless mount, which is required for accurate analysis of the entire sample.
Pressure for Different MaterialsPressure and temperature requirements may vary depending on the mounting material and sample type. A metallographic mounting press provides precise control over these parameters, enabling optimal mounting conditions for a variety of materials.

In essence, the metallographic mounting press serves as the foundation for producing high-quality samples for metallographic analysis. It ensures that the sample is properly embedded, protected, and ready.

XQ-2 Metallographic Sample Mounting Press

Different Types of Metallographic Mounting Press

 XQ-1 Metallographic Sample Mounting PressXQ-2 Metallographic Sample Mounting PressZXQ-1 Automatic Metallographic Sample Mounting Press
Mould DiameterФ25mm,Ф30mm,Ф40mm (Choose one)Ф25mm,Ф30mm,Ф40mm (Choose one)Ф25mm,Ф30mm,Ф40mm (Choose one)
Cavity Height82mm, effective 40mm115mm, effective 60mm115mm, effective 60mm
Heating Power440W800WФ25mm/Ф30mm  1.2W;  Ф40mm  1.6kW
Power Supply220V, 50Hz,5A220V, 50Hz,6A220V, 50Hz,10A
Net Weight32kg40kg50kg
ApplicationIt is appropriate for small, irregularly shaped samples that need edge protection or automatic grinding and polishing.It is appropriate for metallographic laboratories, research institutions, the metallurgical industry, mining, shipbuilding, aerospace, and other heavy industries.It is appropriate for small, irregularly shaped samples that need edge protection or automatic grinding and polishing.
XQ-2 Metallographic Sample Mounting Press

How to Choose the Right Metallographic Mounting Press?

Choosing the right metallographic mounting press is dependent on a number of factors, including your workflow and sample type. Here’s a detailed breakdown to help you decide:

1. Sample Throughput and Usage

  • Low Volume or Occasional Use: If you only mount samples occasionally or work with a small number of samples at once, a manual press like the XQ-1 or XQ-2 may suffice. These are inexpensive options that provide good control over the mounting process.
  • High Volume or Frequent Use: For laboratories with high sample throughput or frequent metallographic analysis, the ZXQ-1 automatic press is the best option. These presses automate the entire mounting cycle, including pressure, temperature, and timing, resulting in higher efficiency and more consistent mount quality.

2. Desired Level of Automation

  • Manual Presses (XQ-1, XQ-2): These require you to set and adjust the pressure, temperature, and timer settings for each mounting cycle. This allows for greater flexibility in sample types but can be time-consuming for repetitive tasks.
  • Automatic Presses (ZXQ-1): These provide pre-programmed cycles or allow you to save custom settings for commonly used mounting parameters. This saves time and ensures consistent outcomes, particularly in high-volume operations.

3. Sample Characteristics

  • Size and Shape: Both manual and automatic presses can accommodate a wide range of standard mold sizes. However, for very small or irregularly shaped samples, an automatic press with precise pressure control may be useful in preventing delicate samples from being damaged during mounting.
  • Heat Sensitivity: For heat-sensitive samples, consider using a press with a wider temperature range or cold mounting media.

4. Budget

  • Manual Presses: These are typically more affordable than automatic presses.
  • Automatic Presses: Increase efficiency and consistency, but require a higher upfront cost.

5. Additional Considerations

  • Cooling System: A water-cooled system, such as the one found in the ZXQ-1 press, can significantly reduce cooling times between mounting cycles, thereby increasing throughput.
  • Safety Features: Look for features like automatic shut-off or pressure relief valves to ensure safety during operation.
  • Manufacturer Reputation and Service: Consider the manufacturer’s reputation for quality, dependability, and after-sales support.
ZXQ-1 Automatic Metallographic Sample Mounting Press

Why Choose Scopelab as Your Metallographic Mounting Press Supplier?

Here are a few reasons why you might select Scopelab as your metallographic mounting press supplier:

  • Expertise and Experience: Scopelab has extensive experience with metallographic equipment, including mounting presses. They can provide valuable advice on selecting the best press for your requirements and applications.
  • Product Selection and Quality: Scopelab will provide a selection of mounting presses from various manufacturers, allowing you to compare features and select the best option for your budget and needs. We should prioritize high-quality products from established brands that are known for their durability and dependability.
  • Customer Service and Support: A good supplier provides excellent customer service throughout the purchasing process. This includes providing technical assistance with installation, operation, and troubleshooting of your mounting press. Scopelab provides readily available after-sales support and spare parts to ensure that your press runs smoothly for years to come.


Choosing the right metallographic mounting press allows you to prepare samples more efficiently and reliably, paving the way for accurate metallographic analysis. Understanding your workflow, sample types, and desired level of automation allows you to select the mounting press that best suits your laboratory’s needs. Partnering with a reputable supplier, such as Scopelab, ensures that you not only receive a high-quality press, but also have access to valuable expertise, exceptional customer service, and ongoing support. With the right press and supplier on your side, you’ll be well-equipped to uncover the mysteries hidden within the microstructure of your metal samples.

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