XQ-2 Metallographic Sample Mounting Press

  • The mold cover is lengthened, the heating power is large, and the setting efficiency is high
  • All-in-one control interface
  • This product is suitable for metallographic laboratories, research institutions, metallurgical industry, mining industry, shipbuilding and aerospace, and other heavy industries

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| What is the XQ-2 Metallographic Sample Mounting Press?

XQ-2 metallographic sample mounting press is improved based on the classic model XQ-1. With long mold and high heating power, it has high efficiency. The mold cover adopts the rotating thread structure, which is convenient and safe to open the cover. The integrated control interface has a real-time display of total mounting time and temperature and visualization of the mounting state, which makes the operation more humane. With a water cooling system, it makes sample preparation fast. XQ-2 metallographic sample mounting press has stable and reliable performance and easy operation, which is the economic choice for sample mounting. (Only for thermosetting materials, such as Bakelite powder, Urea formaldehyde molding powder, etc.) 

| Technical Parameters of XQ-2 Metallographic Sample Mounting Press

Mould DiameterФ25mm,Ф30mm,Ф40mm (Choose one)
Cavity Height115mm, effective 60mm
Heating Power800W
Cooling MethodExternal water source cooling
Power Supply220V, 50Hz,6A
Net Weight40kg

| Packing List of XQ-2 Metallographic Sample Mounting Press

Machine Body 1 set
Handle 1 pc
Heater 1 pc
Bakelite Powder30g1 bottle
Measuring Cap 1 pc
Water Inlet Pipe 1 pc
Water Outlet PipeФ10mm1 pc
Water Inlet Filter Screen 1 pc
Hoop 1 pc
Usage Instruction Manual 1 copy

| Applications of XQ-2 metallographic sample mounting press

Metallographic mounting machines are generally used for small metal originals that are difficult to hold. XQ-2 metallographic sample mounting press is suitable for metallographic laboratories, research institutions, the metallurgical industry, the mining industry, shipbuilding and aerospace, and other heavy industries.

| Shipping

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