SMART-POL Polarizing Microscope

  • Study of so-called transparent and opaque anisotropic materials
  • Nonstress infinity Plan objectives
  • 5V-12V low voltage input to ensure safe use
  • Power banks can be used for power supply

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SMART-POL polarizing microscope adopts the appearance of our SMART model, and there is a handle on the back for carrying. The multiples of the microscope objective lens include the magnification of 4X~100X. The polarizing device is an analyzer of 0-90°, and an analyzer installed on a condenser. All polarizing accessories involved are included. Microscopes are mainly used to examine anisotropic substances.

Polarizing Microscope SMART-POL Binocular Model Chongqing Scope Supply

| Features of SMART-POL Polarizing Microscope

Brand New And Humanized Butterfly Binocular Head-Tubes
  • New designed and humanized butterfly binocular head tubes can be 360° rotated to raise observing height position than normal tubes to be more convenient for users with different heights.
  • Professional polarizing objectives, Nonstress infinity optical objectives.
Power Bank and Vehicle Power Supply
  • 5V-12V low voltage input to ensure safe use.
  • Power banks can be used for power supply, more convenient for field inspection and power-short conditions.
  • Polarizing attached moving stage, two kinds of types.

| SMART-POL Polarizing Microscope Outfits

EyepieceWF 10×-20mm
WF 10×-20mm (adjustable, reticule 0.1mm)
Plan Objective
20× (S)
40× (S)
60× (S)
100× (S, Oil)
Swiveling Seidentopf Binocular HeadInclined 30°, Rotatable 360°,
Interpupilary Distance:  48-75mm.
Swiveling Seidentopf  Trinocular HeadInclined 30°, Rotatable 360°,
Interpupilary Distance:  48-75mm.
Light Distribution 20:80
NosepieceQuadplex, Center adjustable
Analyzer Unit0-90°, It can be moved out of the optical path for a single polarizing observation.
Bertrand LensIt can be moved out of the optical path.
λ SlipFirst Class Red
Quartz Wedge(Ⅰ-Ⅳ Class)
Revolving Round StageRotatable 360°, Division 1°, Vernier division 6°, can be locked.Diameter Φ142mm
Polarizing Attached Mechanical Stage
CondenserAbbe N.A. 1.25
Polarizing UnitUnder the Condenser
Illumination5W-LED Lamp DC input
12V/30W Halogen Lamp
FilterBlue/ Amber / Green / Neutral
C-mount1×/0.75×/0.5×(Focus adjustable)

Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

Packing Size: 550mm×380mm×285mm  Gross Weight:8.6 kgs  Net Weight:7.5 kgs

| Smart-POL Polarizing Microscope Size(mm):

| Advantages of Polarizing Microscopes

  • Increased contrast: Polarizing microscopes can be used to increase the contrast between different parts of a specimen. This can make it easier to see features that would be difficult or impossible to see with other types of microscopes.
  • Reduced glare: Polarizing microscopes can be used to reduce glare from reflective surfaces. This can make it easier to see features that are obscured by glare with other types of microscopes.
  • Ability to identify anisotropic materials: Polarizing microscopes can be used to identify anisotropic materials. Anisotropic materials are materials that have different optical properties in different directions. This can be useful for identifying minerals, crystals, and other types of materials.

| Factory

We have our own microscope factory, and the microscopes we sell are all developed and manufactured by our factory. Our factory covers an area of 500 acres and is divided into three floors, covering various workshops. The assembly of microscopes is completed in our dust-free workshop to ensure the precision of the instrument. Our factory has many domestic and foreign customers, all of whom are very stable old customers, and we mainly connect with foreign countries. Every certificate of Luping is complete, such as CE, ISO90001, ISO45001, ISO14001, etc.



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