BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope

  • Transmitting, reflecting, transmitting & reflecting
  • Professional laboratory polarizing instrument
  • Widely used in geology, mineral, chemical industry, medical, drug, criminal investigation fields, etc

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BK-POL series polarizing microscope is also named mineralogical microscope. It is necessary for researching double refraction sample, which is widely used in geology, mineral, chemical industry, medical, drug, criminal investigation fields, etc.

| Features of BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope

  • A professional binocular head can keep the cross in the right-hand eyepiece always the same when the eyepiece tubes are turned.
  • Analyzer unit: 360° rotatable analyzer with division, can be locked and moved out of the light path.
  • Bertrand lens, Built-in, focus adjustable.
  • Centering nosepiece, non-stress infinity plan objective.
  • Rotatable 360° stage, division 1°, vernier division 6’, adjustable center which can be locked.
  • Polarizing unit:  rotatable 360°, scaled, can be locked.
  • Attached polarizing mechanical stage: professional design for laboratory users to avoid objective hitting.
  • Compensator: Quartz wedge, First class red slip, λ/4 slip.
  • Swing-out condenser: Swing the lens in to get an excellent image when using power objective to make observations.
BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope 8
BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope 9
BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope 11
BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope 10
BK-POLR Polarizing Microscope Transmitting and Reflecting
Polarizing Microscope Reflecting light BK-POLF Microscope

| Objective Specification:(”●” is standard outfits, “○” is optional accessories.)

  • “T” means transmitting  “R” means reflecting
  • “T&R “ means transmitting and reflecting
ObjectiveN.A.Working distance(mm)BK-POL(T)BK-POLF(R)BK-POLR(T&R)
Non-stress Infinity Plan Objective(Transmitting)PLAN  4X0.1012.10 
PLAN 10X0.254.64 
PLAN 20X (S)0.402.41 
PLAN 40X (S)0.660.65 
PLAN 60X (S)0.800.33 
PLAN 100X (S, Oil)1.250.12 
Non-stressLWD InfinityPlan Objective(Reflecting) LMPlan FL 5× (Semi Apochromatic Objective)0.1521.00 
LMPlan FL 10×(Semi Apochromatic Objective)0.3020.00 
LMPlan FL 20×(Semi Apochromatic Objective0.4015.00 
LMPlan FL 50×(Semi Apochromatic Objective)0.754.25 
LMPlan 100× (Dry)(Semi Apochromatic Objective)0.853.00 

| BK-POL Transmitting Polarizing Microscope Size(mm)

| BK-POL R Transmitting & Reflecting Polarizing Microscope Size(mm)

| BK-POL F Reflecting Polarizing Microscope Size(mm)

| BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope General Layout Diagram

| BK-POL Series Polarizing Microscope Outfits

EyepieceWF10X/22mm (adjustable)  
WF10X/22mm (adjustable, reticule 0.1mm)  
WF10X/20mm (adjustable) 
WF10X/20mm (adjustable, reticule 0.1mm) 
Professional Polarizing Seidentopf Binocular HeadA.0.9/0.13, polarizing unit (with scale, rotatable 360°, can be locked)
Professional Polarizing Seidentopf Trinocular HeadInclined 30°, Rotatable 360°,Interpupilary Distance :  48mm ~76mm,Light distribution(both):100: 0(100% for eyepiece)80:20(80% for trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece)
Non-stress Infinity Plan Objective(Transmitting)PLAN 4X/0.10W.D.= 12.1mm 
PLAN 10X/0.25W.D.= 4.64mm 
PLAN 20X/0.40(S)W.D.=2.41mm 
PLAN 40X/0.66(S)W.D.=0.65mm 
PLAN 60X/0.80(S)W.D.=0.33mm  
PLAN 100X/1.25(S,Oil)W.D.=0.12mm  
Non-stress LWD InfinityPlan Objective(Reflecting) LMPlan FL 5×/0.15 (Semi Apochromatic Objective)W.D.=21.00mm 
LMPlan FL 10×/0.30(Semi Apochromatic Objective)W.D.= 20.00mm 
LMPlan FL 20×/0.40(Semi Apochromatic Objective)W.D.= 15.00mm 
LMPlan FL 50×/0.75(Semi Apochromatic Objective)W.D.= 4.25mm 
LMPlan 100×/0.85(Dry)(Semi Apochromatic Objective)W.D.= 3.00mm 
NosepieceQuintuple (center adjustable)
POL MediaAnalyzer rotatable 360°, module type, can be locked
A.0.9/0.13, polarizing unit (with scale, rotatable 360°, can be locked)
SlipΛslip (First Class Red)
λ/4 slip  
Quartz wedge (Ⅰ~ Ⅳ)
Revolving Round StageRotatable 360°, center adjustable, can be locked. Diameter Φ174mmdivision 1°, vernier division 6’.
Swing-out CondenserA.0.9/0.13, polarizing unit (with scale, rotatable 360°,can be locked) 
Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing UnitCoarse stroke 25mm, Fine stroke per rotation:0.2mm, fine division 2 μm
Transmitting/ Reflecting Illumination5WLED lamp DC input(Universal voltage:100V~240V)
Transmitting Illumination12V/30W Halogen lamp(Universal voltage:100V~240V) 
Reflecting Illumination12V/50W halogen lamp(Universal voltage:100V~240V) 
FilterBlue/ Amber/ Green/ Neutral
Attached Polarizing Mechanical Stage
C-Mount1X /0.75 X /0.5 X (Focus adjustable)

Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

| Packing & Delivery

Polarizing series microscopes are packed in standard cartons. Except for the slightly smaller carton of the transmission polarizer, the other two models are large cartons, because polarizer accessories need to be placed inside. There are various modes of transportation, you can communicate with us in detail according to your needs.

Packaging ParametersPacking SizeGross WeightNet Weight
BK-POL520mm×470mm×285mm 12.5 kgs10 kgs
BK-POL R520mm×470mm×430mm16 kgs12.5 kgs
BK-POL F520mm×470mm×430mm15 kgs11.5 kgs


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