Laboratory Erlenmeyer Flasks with Screw Cap

  • Makes it easier for pipettes or cell scrapers to reach the corners of the bottle
  • Bottle caps are divided into sealing caps and breathable caps
  • Sterile and single-use: Reduce contamination risk

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Cell culture series consumables are routine tools in cell culture laboratories. Plasma surface treatment technology is more beneficial to cell adherent growth. It is widely used in the fields of life science basic research, tumor research, virus detection and diagnosis, genetic engineering, and vaccine R&D and production. There are mainly cell culture plates, culture flasks, and culture dishes. In addition, our Erlenmeyer shaker flasks and Serological Pipettes are available in a variety of specifications. Single-use PETG Erlenmeyer Flasks with Plain Bottom, ideal for suspension of cell culture, media preparation, mixing, and storage. Crystal clear PETG or PC is robust and break-resistant, increasing personal safety.

| Features of Laboratory Erlenmeyer Flasks with Screw Cap

  • Sterile and single-use: Reduce contamination risk
  • Quick volume assessment
Erlenmeyer Flasks 1

| Specifications of Laboratory Erlenmeyer Flasks with Screw Cap

P/NCapacityMaterialCap typeConfiguration
803125B125 mLPCVented1 pc/pack, 50 packs/case
803250B250 mLPCVented1 pc/pack, 50 packs/case
803500B500 mLPCVented1 pc/pack, 25 packs/case
803200B1000 mLPCVented1 pc/pack, 25 packs/case
803125125 mLPETGVented1 pc/pack, 50 packs/case
803250250 mLPETGVented1 pc/pack, 50 packs/case
803500500 mLPETGVented1 pc/pack, 25 packs/case
8032001000 mLPETGVented1 pc/pack, 25 packs/case

| Advantages of Laboratory Erlenmeyer Flasks with Screw Cap

Laboratory Erlenmeyer flasks with screw cap offer several advantages over other types of laboratory glassware, including:

  • Wide base: The wide base of an Erlenmeyer flask makes it ideal for mixing liquids, as it prevents the liquid from spilling out.
  • Tapered neck: The tapered neck of Erlenmeyer flasks helps to reduce the evaporation of the liquid inside.
  • Uniform thickness: The uniform thickness of the walls of Erlenmeyer flasks ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the liquid inside.
  • Durability: Erlenmeyer flasks are typically made of durable materials, such as glass and borosilicate glass, which makes them resistant to breakage.
  • Affordability: Erlenmeyer flasks are relatively affordable, making them a cost-effective solution for a wide range of laboratory applications.
  • Disposable: For the accuracy of experimental results and to prevent cross-contamination during the experiment.

| Applications of Erlenmeyer Flasks

Laboratory Erlenmeyer flasks with screw Cap are like most of the laboratory consumables. They are used in various laboratories, institutions, medical institutions, etc.

| Package and Shipment

Laboratory consumables are packed in export cartons. Each carton can pack multiple products. For this type of product, express delivery and air transportation are recommended. The time is short and the transportation cost is low.



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