PCR Plate Adhesive Sealing Film

  • PCR adhesive sealing film is an optical pressure-sensitive film bonded by a layer of transparent polypropylene(PP) film and a layer of transparent silicon-based pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive provides a tight seal over every well
  • Will not interfere with the sample reading
  • Press-N-Seal

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PCR experiment consumables are widely used in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, immunity, medicine, etc., including basic research such as gene isolation, cloning, and nucleic acid sequence analysis, as well as disease diagnosis or places with DNA and RNA, mainly in conjunction with PCR/qPCR/real-time PCR, etc. experiment.

| Features of PCR Plate Sealing Film

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive provides a tight seal over every well. PCR plate sealing film reduces the chance of well-to-well contamination and sample evaporation when applied to a microplate.
  • Will not interfere with the sample reading. Use this optically clear adhesive film to seal the samples into the wells of a microplate. This will reduce the possibility of cross-contamination between sample wells and help ensure consistent Real-Time PCR data. Prevent Loss of Precious Samples.
  • Press-N-Seal: Align properly to the plate, then press to seal. Simply peel the backing away from the adhesive film and apply firmly across the top of your microplate. Stack microplates and read samples as you would normally except with less chance of sample contamination. Designed to fit on 96-well PCR plates and 384-well PCR plates.
  • Easy to apply: will not stick to your glove.
  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

| Advantages of PCR Plate Sealing Film

  • Prevention of evaporation: PCR plate sealing films prevent the evaporation of samples during PCR, which is important for maintaining the concentration and purity of the samples.
  • Prevention of contamination: PCR plate sealing films prevent contamination of samples from airborne particles and other sources. This is important for avoiding false positive results.
  • Improved thermal transfer: PCR plate sealing films improve thermal transfer between the PCR plate and the thermocycler, which can help to improve the efficiency and consistency of PCR reactions.
  • Ease of use: PCR plate sealing films are easy to use and can be applied and removed quickly and easily.
  • Cost-effectiveness: PCR plate sealing films are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk.

| Specifications of PCR Plate Sealing Film

802021B01Optical, Pressure sensitive100pcs/pack
802021B02Optical, ABI, Pressure sensitive100 pcs/pack
802021B03Optical, Easily simply, Pressure-sensitive100 pcs/pack
802021B04Optical, Easily simple, Pressure-sensitive100 pcs/pack
802021C01Optical, Pressure sensitive, High-temperature resistance, ABI100 pcs/pack
802021c02Optical, strong sticky, Pressure-sensitive100 pcs/pack

| Package of PCR Plate Sealing Film

This PCR plate sealing film only has one size, and the packaging specification is 100 pieces/box. There is no specific packaging size for the product, and the most suitable carton is configured according to the specific quantity that needs to be purchased.

PCR Plate Sealing Film 1


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