96-Well PCR Plates

  • Effectively prevent signal interference between holes
  • Read the fluorescence value of the signal more effectively and reduce the interference of background fluorescence
  • Widely used in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, immunity, medicine, etc.

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PCR experiment consumables are widely used in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, immunity, medicine, etc., including basic research such as gene isolation, cloning, and nucleic acid sequence analysis, as well as disease diagnosis or places with DNA and RNA, mainly in conjunction with PCR/qPCR/real-time PCR, etc. experiment.

Flat-top 96-Well PCR Plates are designed to fit standard 96-well blocks. Ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness allows precise thermal transfer for optimum results. Can be sealed with 8/12 strip caps, or sealing film.

| Features of 96-Well PCR Plates

  • The hole wall is thin, the thickness is uniform, the heat transfer speed is fast, the result is reliable, and the repeatability is strong
  • Dimensions conform to ANSI SBS standards and can be used in the automation system
  • The edge of the hole is protruded to prevent cross-contamination, and it is also convenient for the sealing film to be safely sealed to prevent evaporation
  • The black alphanumeric identification is helpful for quick identification and traceability of samples in the case of manual sample addition
  • Production in a 100,000-class clean environment, exclusive quality laboratory verification test to ensure product cleanliness
  • Each hole is 100% tested for sealing performance to ensure the safety of sample processing
  • Plates can be easily stacked to save storage space

| Specification of 96-Well PCR Plates

96 well PCR paltes
P/NCapacityCut cornerColorSkirt styleConfiguration
802019100 μLA12/H12ClearNon-Skirted, Black Lettering10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802020100 μLA12/H12WhiteNon-Skirted, Black Lettering10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802016200 μLA12ClearSemi-Skirted, Black Lettering10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802017200 μLH1ClearNon-Skirted, Black Lettering10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802018200 μLH1WhiteNon-Skirted, Black Lettering10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802032100 μLH1WhiteSkirted, Black Lettering10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802033100 μLH1ClearSkirted, Black Lettering10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
96 well PCR paltes skirt

96-Well PCR Microplate Compatible with Roche Light Cycler 480 without Sealing Films, White, Non Sterile

P/NCapacityCut cornerColorSkirt styleConfiguration
802034100 μLH12ClearSemi-Skirted10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802035100 μLH12WhiteSemi-Skirted10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case

96-Well Polypropylene PCR Microplate, Compatible with ABI, Semi-Skirted, Clear, Non Sterile

P/NCapacityCut cornerColorSkirt styleConfiguration
802040100 μLA12ClearSemi-Skirted10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802041200 μLA12ClearSemi-Skirted10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case

96-well Polypropylene PCR Microplate, Full Skirt, Clear, Nonsterile

P/NCapacityCut cornerTube ColorShell ColorSkirt styleConfiguration
802045100 μLH1ClearBlueSkirted10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802046100 μLH1WhiteBlueSkirted10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802047100 μLH1ClearWhiteSkirted10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case
802048100 μLH1WhiteWhiteSkirted10 plates/pack, 5 packs/case

| Advantages of PCR Plates

PCR plates offer several advantages over other types of PCR tubes, including:

  • Convenience: PCR plates allow you to work with multiple samples simultaneously, which can save time and effort.
  • Reduced risk of contamination: PCR plates are typically designed to reduce the risk of contamination between samples. This is important for PCR applications, as contamination can lead to inaccurate results.
  • Improved thermal transfer: PCR plates are typically made of thin-walled materials, such as polypropylene or polystyrene, which provides efficient thermal transfer. This is important for PCR applications, as it ensures that all samples are heated and cooled evenly.
  • Ease of handling: PCR plates are easy to handle and manipulate, even when wearing gloves. This is important for PCR applications, as it can help to prevent errors.
  • Compatibility with automation: PCR plates are compatible with a variety of automated PCR systems. This makes them ideal for high-throughput PCR applications.

| Applications of 96-Well PCR Plates

96-well plate is mainly used for data analysis, drug screening, sample detection, etc. in high-throughput molecular biology experiments.

Its high-throughput technology can detect multiple samples at the same time, greatly improving the efficiency of experiments.

It has been widely used in DNA sequencing, PCR reactions, omics, proteomics, medicine, life science, environmental science, and other fields.

application 4

| Company

Chongqing Scope not only provides laboratory instruments such as microscopes but also laboratory consumables. These consumables are closely related to the use of our microscopes and can be widely used in various laboratories. You can buy all kinds of products from us. Of course, we also provide corresponding testing certificates and international certification qualifications. We offer a wide variety of product models.



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