Cell Culture Flasks

  • Red for adherent cells
  • Green is sensitive adherent cells
  • White is suspension cells
  • Gray is sensitive suspension cells

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Cell culture series consumables are routine tools in cell culture laboratories. Plasma surface treatment technology is more beneficial to cell adherent growth. It is widely used in the fields of life science basic research, tumor research, virus detection and diagnosis, genetic engineering, and vaccine R&D and production. There are mainly cell culture plates, culture flasks, and culture dishes. Cell Culture Flasks are the preferred vessel for long-term cultivation or large-scale expansion of cells, providing the best protection against contamination. The ergonomic design with an angled neck and wide opening allows easy access to the growth surface by pipettes or cell scrapers. Workflow safety is combined with facilitated and ergonomic access to your cells in the Cell Culture Flasks. They are available in three sizes: T25, T75, and T175 with TC treated. Vented caps with innovative air filter technology or plug-seal caps with arrested positions to prevent undesired closing are the two closing options.

| Features of Cell Culture Flasks

  1. Direct surface identification on flask and cap
  2. Ergonomic design with a 1/3 turn to open and close the cap
  3. Low profile to maximize incubator space
  4. Volume graduations printed and molded on both sides
  5. Slightly angled side walls for complete viewing under a microscope
  6. Sterilized by gamma irradiation and nonpyrogenic
  7. Expansion and culture of adherent and suspension cells on TC-treated or non-treated polystyrene
  8. Performance of cell-based assays and microscopic analysis

| Specifications of Cell Culture Flasks

P/NCulture AreaCap StyleCapacityConfiguration
80302525 cm2Vented50 mL12 pcs/bag, 25 bags/case
80302625 cm2Sealed50 mL12 pcs/bag, 25 bags/case
80307575 cm2Vented175 mL5 pcs/bag, 18 bags/case
80307675 cm2Sealed175 mL5 pcs/bag, 18 bags/case
803175175 cm2Vented550 mL5 pcs/bag, 10 bags/case
803176175 cm2Sealed550 mL5 pcs/bag, 10 bags/case

| U-shaped Cell Culture Flask

P/NCulture AreaCap StyleCapacityConfiguration
81307575 cm2Vented15-22.5 mL5 pcs/bag,18 bags/case
813150150 cm2Vented30-45 mL5 pcs/bag, 10 bags/case
81307675 cm2Sealed15-22.5 mL5 pcs/bag, 18 bags/case
8131551150 cm2Sealed30-45 mL5 pcs/bag, 10 bags/case

| Applications of Cell Culture Flasks

Laboratory consumables are widely used in major research institutions, medical institutions, teaching fields, etc. The use of laboratory consumables is mainly for a sterile operation and the purpose of protecting samples from contamination.

application 4

| Advantages of Cell Culture Flasks

Cell culture flasks offer several advantages over other cell culture vessels, such as plates and dishes, including:

  • Larger surface area: Cell culture flasks have a larger surface area than other cell culture vessels, which allows for more cells to be grown. This is important for applications where a large number of cells are needed, such as in drug discovery and regenerative medicine.
  • More stable environment: Cell culture flasks provide a more stable environment for cells than other cell culture vessels. This is because the larger volume of medium in a flask is less susceptible to changes in temperature and pH.
  • Easier to scale up: Cell culture flasks are easier than other cell culture vessels. This means that it is easier to increase the number of cells being grown when using flasks.
  • More cost-effective: Cell culture flasks are more cost-effective than other cell culture vessels, especially when purchased in bulk.

| Delivery

Consumable products are in stock in most cases. Can be shipped in a week or so. But if the product quantity is large and miscellaneous, please confirm the specific delivery time with us. Our shipping methods are express, air, and sea. Express delivery includes DHL, UPS, and FedEx. At present, we have all the mainstream domestic transportation methods.



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