Aluminum Foil Sealing Film

  • Suitable for fast PCR reactions
  • It can be adapted to the mainstream PCR/qPCR instruments on the market
  • Widely used in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, immunity, medicine, etc

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PCR experiment consumables are widely used in the fields of genetics, biochemistry, immunity, medicine, etc., including basic research such as gene isolation, cloning, and nucleic acid sequence analysis, as well as disease diagnosis or places with DNA and RNA, mainly in conjunction with PCR/qPCR/real-time PCR, etc. experiment.

| Applications of Aluminum Foil Sealing Film

Aluminum foil sealing film is suitable for many fields:

  • Suitable for long-term storage of samples, excellent anti-evaporation performance, almost no evaporation of samples, easy to pierce;
  • Suitable for sealing 96-well PCR plates, 96-well microplates, 96-well shaker plates, 96-well bacteria-preserving plates, and long-distance sealed transportation, etc.;
  • Especially suitable for chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and other light-proof experiments, and can prevent evaporation to the greatest extent.

| Specifications of Aluminum Foil Sealing Film

Aluminum Foil Sealing Film 4
P/NSurface TreatmentApplicationFeatureSize/mmConfiguration
BM0001AGlossy SurfaceStorageLight shading, Corrosion-Resistant130*90*0.115100 pcs/pack
BM0002AGlossy SurfaceStorageLight shading, Corrosion-Resistant125*85*0.115100 pcs/pack
BM0003AGlossy SurfaceStorageLight shading, Corrosion-Resistant125*81.5*0.115100 pcs/pack
BM0001BEmbossing SurfaceStorageLight shading, Corrosion-Resistant130*90*0.115100 pcs/pack
BM0002BEmbossing SurfaceStorageLight shading, Corrosion-Resistant125*85*0.115100 pcs/pack
BM0003BEmbossing SurfaceStorageLight shading, Corrosion-Resistant125*81.5*0.115100 pcs/pack

| Advantages of Aluminum Foil Sealing Film

Aluminum foil sealing film offers some advantages over other types of sealing films, including:

  • High barrier properties: Aluminum foil sealing film has excellent barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and light. This is important for applications where it is necessary to protect the contents of a package from external contaminants.
  • Durability: Aluminum foil sealing film is very durable and can withstand a wide range of temperatures and conditions. This makes it ideal for applications where the package needs to be protected from physical damage.
  • Versatility: Aluminum foil sealing film can be used to seal a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, and metal. This makes it a versatile sealing solution for a wide range of applications.
  • Affordability: Aluminum foil sealing film is relatively affordable, making it a cost-effective solution for many applications.

| Why Choose Our Aluminum Foil Sealing Film

The product is disposable, and a large number of products can be purchased at low cost, and cross-contamination can be effectively prevented during the experiment. Our products are all produced and processed in a sterile environment, and the processing machinery is imported from overseas. The products have been sold overseas for many years, and have various qualification certificates and test reports.

| Package & Shipment

Export products are packed in standard neutral cartons without brand and logo. The smallest package is a bag of 100. Shipping methods include sea, air, and express. We will recommend the most reasonable shipping method according to the purchase quantity, so as to save shipping costs.



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