Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tube

  • Specification: 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml
  • Function: Sample storage
  • Colored-cap versions are also available
  • Manufactured from high-clarity, ultra-pure polypropylene

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Screw cap microcentrifuge tubes are one type of sample preservation consumables. It is used for the storage of various biological samples, which can meet the long-term transportation. There are different colors of screw caps to distinguish liquid types. The screw cap microcentrifuge tubes are available in three different volume specifications, and the screw cap tubes can be combined with 10 cap colors arbitrarily. Precise threads with flexible o-ring seals securely close nut tubes. At the same time, this product has an excellent sealing effect and is suitable for containing radioactive substances, infectious substances, or expensive substances, and can also be used as a reaction vessel for thermal stress or for long-term storage.

| Features of Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

  • Screw cap tubes are available in a variety of colors with a conical or self-standing bottom
  • Colored-cap versions are also available
  • Manufactured from high-clarity, ultra-pure polypropylene
  • Suitable for a wide range of temperatures from -80 ˚C to +120 ˚C
  • Not suitable for immersion in liquid nitrogen
  • Ideal for boiling applications
  • Skirted or conical bases
  • Certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and tested pyrogen-free

| Specifications of Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tube

Screw Cap Tube 8

Screw Cap Tubes Type S

P/NCapacityTube ColorCap ColorConfiguration
8012050.5 mLClearClear100 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case
8012071.5 mLClearClear100 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case
8012092.0 mLClearClear100 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case
8012750.5 mLAmberAmber100 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case
8012851.5 mLAmberAmber100 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case
8012952.0 mLAmberAmber100 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case

Screw Cap Tubes Type A

P/NCapacityTube ColorCap ColorConfiguration
801205A0.5 mLClearClear100 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case
801207A1.5 mLClearClear100 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case
801209A2.0 mLClearClear100 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case

| Optional Colors for Screw Caps

Clear, Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Orange, Yellow, White, Violet, Pink

Screw Cap Tube 9

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The products sold by Chongqing Scope are laboratory consumables, metallographic sample preparation, hardness testers, microscopes and medical simulators. Our customers are all over the world, and the main sales areas are Europe and Southeast Asia. We have various relevant qualification certificates to provide.

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