SC-LF2 Senior Surgical Leg Suture Training Model

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  • With features of lifelike shape and realistic touch, the model is suitable for cutting and suturing exercises
  • With the wonderful elasticity and flexibility of skin,  each model can be used for hundreds of times
  • Be equipped with incision and suture instruments, suture needles, and lines

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SC-LF2 Senior Surgical Leg Suture Training Model is a mannequin manufactured to train the basic skills of the shell. The main training is cutting, suturing, removing stitches, and bandaging. The products are mainly made of advanced PVC material, which can be used for hundreds of suture training. It’s a kind of clinical training manikin. Our medical simulators are divided into emergency models, clinical models, and nursing models. These products are used in teaching, as well as skills training.

This product provides a realistic suturing demonstration. Soft and pliable for easy sewing. The unit is provided with “wounds” which can be sutured repeatedly, new “wounds” can be cut also.

| Features of SC-LF2 Senior Surgical Leg Suture Training Model

  1. SC-LF2 senior surgical leg suture training model can be cut, stitched, stitched, dressings, and other surgical basic skills practice.
  2. Excellent skin elasticity and flexibility can be repeated hundreds of times to practice suturing, and suture tension when it does not cause skin tear.
  3. Many have been cut open wounds with exposed simulated red muscle tissue.
  4. In addition to having several wounds, but also many parts of the incision can be sutured practice.
  5. With features of lifelike shape and realistic touch, the model is suitable for cutting and suturing exercises. 
  6. With the wonderful elasticity and flexibility of skin, the SC-LF2 Senior Surgical Leg Suture Training Model can be used hundreds of times. 
  7. Be equipped with incision and suture instruments, suture needles, and lines.
SC-LF2 Senior Surgical Leg Suture Training Model 5
SC-LF2 Senior Surgical Leg Suture Training Model 3

| Applications of SC-LF2 Senior Surgical Leg Suture Training Model

SC-LF2 senior surgical leg suture training models are widely used in clinical medical training, medical school teaching, and hospital training. Our clinical diagnostic models include puncture training, joint injection, suture training, etc., which are all training simulations for conventional hospital techniques.

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| Package & Shipment

This product is exported in carton packaging. The packaging size of the outer box of the product is 70*18*20cm, and the weight is 3.5kg. Our products have ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates and meet international export standards. We provide three modes of transportation: air, sea, and express, and you can choose according to your needs.



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