SC-J140 Advanced Infant Obstruction Manikin

  • Service Medical Training
  • Suffocation, simulation of foreign objects blocking the airway
  • Standard baby life ratio design and accurate standard layout

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The full-body lifelike infant specially designed for professional training of Heimlich Maneuver, foreign body airway obstruction provides a realistic condition for releasing of a foreign body obstruction through back blows and chest-thrust techniques. It’s a kind of emergency training manikin.

SC-J140 advanced infant obstruction manikin is an infant airway infarction cardiopulmonary resuscitation emergency model. For teaching exercises of the Heimlich Maneuver.

NameInfant Obstruction Manikin
ConfigurationInfant infarction model, lung bag, infarct object, Oxford cloth bag, warranty card, instruction manual

| Features of SC-J140 Advanced Infant Obstruction Manikin

  1. Normal airway obstruction simulation.
  2. Airway opening and chest compression simulation.
  3. Chest expansion during airway penetration.
  4. Suffocation, simulation of foreign objects blocking the airway.
  5. Standard baby life ratio design and accurate standard layout.

| Infant Airway Infarction First Aid Operation Method

  1. Backstroke method:

Put the child on the first aider’s arm and lie prone on the first aider’s arm, with the head lower than the torso, fix the head, put the arm on the first aider’s thigh, and then use the palm of the other hand to exert force Squeeze the back between the two shoulder blades of the child 4-6 times, so that the internal pressure of the airway suddenly rises, which helps to loosen the foreign body and expel it from the body.

  1. Chest finger punching method:

The child is placed in the supine position, held in the arms of the first aider, with the head slightly lower than the torso, and the first aider uses two fingers to press the cross finger at the junction point between the two nipples and the midsternal line 4- 6 places. It can be used interchangeably with the above methods if necessary. until the foreign body is expelled or the child loses consciousness.

SC-J140 Advanced Infant Obstruction Manikin 8

| Advantages of Infant Obstruction Manikins

Infant obstruction manikins offer several advantages over other infant choking training methods, including:

  • Realism: Infant obstruction manikins provide a realistic simulation of the infant choking experience. The manikin has a realistic airway and airway obstructions, such as food boluses and objects.
  • Immediate feedback: Infant obstruction manikins often provide immediate feedback on the trainee’s performance, such as whether the airway obstruction has been cleared and whether the infant is breathing properly.
  • Versatility: Infant obstruction manikins can be used to train a variety of healthcare professionals, including emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, nurses, and physicians. They can also be used to train laypeople in infant choking basics.
  • Portability: Infant obstruction manikins are typically portable and lightweight, making them easy to transport to training locations.

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