SC-HS8 Rotatable Radial Artery Puncture Arm Model

  1. Service Medical Training
  2. This model is suitable for medical colleges, nursing academies, health schools, and clinic workers to teach and exercise artery puncture
  3. Made of advanced and excellent PVC materials

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SC-HS8 rotatable radial artery puncture arm model is used for puncture training such as blood drawing, injection, and blood transfusion under venous blood pressure. This product is made of PVC material through high-temperature forging and injection molding and can withstand hundreds or thousands of repeated training. This product is a professional clinical simulation arm specifically for an arterial puncture, mostly used in colleges universities, and hospitals. This kind of nursing skill medical manikin is equipped with a fixed platform and infusion bag, etc., which can be replaced according to your needs.

| Features of SC-HS8 Rotatable Radial Artery Puncture Arm Model

  1. The radial artery model can be used for arterial blood drawing, injection or blood transfusion training.
  2. The rubber ball airbag is inflated to provide simulated arterial pulsation and real arterial blood pressure.
  3. There is a clear sense of empty space when the needle is inserted, and there is obvious arterial blood return when the puncture method is correct.
  4. The mechanical rotation type can move the damaged part of the radial artery puncture.
  5. The wrist skin and arterial blood vessels can be replaced after damage. We provide corresponding consumables.
SC-HS8 Rotatable Radial Artery Puncture Arm Model

| Why Choose Us?

  1. SC-HS8 rotatable radial artery puncture arm models are all made of advanced and excellent PVC materials, which can be operated hundreds of times without being easily damaged. The service life of the product is longer.
  2. SC-HS8 rotatable radial artery puncture arm models have both ISO9001 and ISO14001 qualification certificates, products that meet international standards and are guaranteed to be exported.
  3. The price of the product belongs to the middle price in China, and we can provide product logo customization and product processing design.

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