SC-H29F Female Bladder Puncture Simulator

  • Service Medical Training
  • It is made of high-quality raw materials through high-temperature injection molding of precision injection molding machinery, with a high degree of realistic hand feeling
  • Can be practiced repeatedly

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SC-H29F female bladder puncture simulator is a kind of nursing skill medical manikin, which is a realistic simulation of the female lower abdomen and is mainly used for training operations such as female catheterization, cystostomy, and bladder irrigation. The product is made of advanced PVC injection molding, which is not easy to deform and can be reused. During use, it truly simulates the standard patient situation, which is convenient for training and practice.

| Features of SC-H29F Female Bladder Puncture Simulator

  1. Female catheterization and bladder irrigation can be performed; as well as suprapubic puncture cystostomy and open suprapubic cystostomy;
  2. The bladder is replaceable, urine can be discharged when punctured correctly, and liquid can be injected to fill the bladder;
  3. The urethra has physiological stenosis, the catheterization operation is real, and the bladder filling can be confirmed by percussion;
  4. The product feels real, with high simulation, and can be practiced repeatedly;
  5. The image of the lower abdomen of a standard adult woman, with obvious anatomical landmarks, can expose the urethral opening and is easy to operate and position.
SC-H29F Female Bladder Puncture Simulator 3

| Applications of SC-H29F Female Bladder Puncture Simulator

SC-H29F female bladder puncture simulators are products for training professional skills. These products are mainly used in hospitals, schools, and training institutions. The product is mainly to train the professional knowledge and skills of these professionals. As a teaching and hands-on product, our products can be used many times, and the products are not easy to deform.

application 5

| Shipment

After the product is tested and passed, our factory will transport the product to the designated forwarder. It is recommended that small items be transported by express delivery, as the freight is not much and the transportation time is short. In addition, air freight and sea freight are recommended for large quantities of goods.



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