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DMSZ7 Series Video Zoom Stereo Microscope

DMSZ7 Series Video Zoom Stereo Microscope

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DMSZ7 Series Video Zoom Stereo Microscope


Integrated zoom optical module with high definition camera, DMSZ7 embodies the beauty of compact. Display, camera and ring lamp with one power supply, avoid the mess of mixed wires.


DMSZ7 Series Video Zoom Stereo Microscope


High definition camera

Built-in CMOS camera with 4.0 mega pixels, restore the real color of image with high sharpness and contrast. The frame rate of full HD reaches to 30fps, simultaneously satisfy the demand of speed and clarity.


Adjustable zoom lens

DMSZ7 with zoom lens 0.7X~5X, magnification 7:1,working with big plan base, focusing range 225mm,is able to inspect large and different samples, working distance 170mm max.

DMSZ7 Series Video Zoom Stereo Microscope


LED ring lamp with two circle bulbs

Separated switches for intensity control of inner and outer circle light. Outer circle as obligue illumination, is available to present more details. Inner circle as near coaxial light, improve the accuracy and reproducibility of visual expression.


DMSZ7 Series Video Zoom Stereo Microscope


DMSZ7 Series Video Zoom Stereo Microscope








Body with 10 –inch high definition touch screen,

The angel of the screen can be adjustable, and the adjustable range: (-5°-15°),


Objective zoom range: 0.7X-5X,

Zoom radio: 1:7

Built in 4MP COMS digital camera (internal memory: 16G)

SD card can be used,

Image output: HDMI, USB2.0, Mini USB2.0 (HDMI and USB2.0 can be used at the same time),

Wireless Keyboard and mouse can be used



1X Objective, WD: 105mm (total magnification in screen: 10X-74X)

1.4X Objective, WD: 100mm (total magnification in screen: 14X-104X)

0.5X Objective, WD: 170mm (total magnification in screen: 5X-37X)




Ring LED Illumination: 56 pcs LED lamps, Bright adjustable,                                                                            

Color temperature: 5000-5500K

Two parts Ring LED Illumination, Bright adjustable, Inside or outside ring can be used separately,

Color temperature: 5000-5500K

Arm Stand

Arm Stand, Up-down moving range: 225mm


USB cable: 1.5m

HDMI cable: 5M

Inner hexagon spanner

SD card 16G


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“○”for optional outfits