How to Install a BK-POL Mineralogy Polarizing Microscope

This video shows how to install a BK-POL mineralogy polarizing microscope. First, put out the main body and place it on the table, lose the main body fixing screw, then put the cost cover out. And, put out the intermediate, fix it into the main body, tighten the main body fixing screw. Second, lose the condenser lock thumb and fix the condenser. Then, put out the dust cover of the nosepiece, turn the coarse focusing knob to lower the stage, and find the objective hole with a yellow mark in the nosepiece. And, fix the 10X objective into the hole, turn the nosepiece clockwise, fix the other objectives as per the power. Lastly, fix the POL media in the intermediate and fix the head into the intermediate, insert the eyepieces into the tubes.