BP20 Biological Microscope

  • Student-level finite optical microscope
  • The finite-distance optical system
  • 40X~1000X magnification
  • Monocular head or binocular head. Inclined 45degree
  • Two different mechanical platforms to choose from

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BP20 biological microscope is a student-level instrument. It is a kind of biological microscope. This product has always been used in the previous microscope style. The function and performance are relatively stable. There are monocular and binocular types to choose from. The product adopts the finite-distance optical system. This is a basic biological microscope with a relatively favorable price. It can be matched according to the parameters in the table.

| Features of BP20 Biological Microscope

  • Monocular head or binocular head. Inclined 45degree.
  • Finite optical achromatic objectives. Standard 4X/10X/40X objectives.
  • There are two different mechanical platforms to choose from.
BP20 Biological Microscope

| B20 Series Biological Microscope outfits

ItemSpecificationBP20-1 BP20-2 BP20-3 BP20-4 BP20-5 BP20-6
Eyepiece headMonocular,360°rotatable,45°inclined  
Achromatic objective4X/0.10
NosepieceTriple nosepiece with positive click stopper    
Quadruple nosepiece with positive click stopper  
Stage0.5W LED, Ni-Cd rechargeable battery pack,AC/DC adaptor, adjustable brightness  
Built-in mechanical stage with specimens holder clips, controlled by coaxial coarse and fine knobs at low position Stage size:115mmX125mm    
DiaphragmDisc diaphragm with five apertures     
Iris diaphragm 
CondenserN.A.0.65 single lens condenser     
Under stage N.A.0.65 condenser     
Abbe N.A.1.25  
IlluminationConcave-plan mirror
0.5W LED, Ni-Cd rechargeable battery pack, AC/DC adaptor, adjustable brightness

Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

| Package

BP20 series microscopes are packaged in cartons by default, the package size is 545*395*405mm, and the weight is about 6kg. If you need portable wooden boxes and aluminum alloy boxes, you can consult our sales staff in detail. Our BP20 series microscopes are small machines, that can be packed in individual cartons, or four small cartons can be packed into one large carton. You can choose according to your own packaging needs.


| Applications of BP20 Biological Microscope

This series is a student-level microscope, which can be used by students in school teaching, novice research, and some simple laboratory use. Our microscopes include low-level to mid-high-level equipment, mainly used in schools, hospitals laboratories, etc. There are many types, and the specifications can be matched according to the needs.

application 2


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