BK6000-FL Fluorescence Microscope

  • Binocular, trinocular model, infinity optical system
  • Fluorescence device, B/G/Uv/V filters, and other filters
  • Wide field eyepiece, view field up to Φ22mm
  • With a magnification of 40X~100X
  • The integrated stage

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BK6000-FL fluorescence microscope has two kinds of light sources to choose from, and the style of color filter can be matched arbitrarily. This fluorescence microscope is upgraded and modified on the basis of a BK6000 biological microscope. It is used to study the absorption and transportation of substances in cells, the distribution and localization of chemical substances, etc.

| Features of BK6000 Fluorescence Microscope

  • Infinity optical systems with a magnification of 40X~100X and the objective lenses can be selected according to the imaging effect and magnification
  • Wide field eyepiece, view field up to Φ22mm, more comfortable for observation
  • Trinocular observing tube with dual transform
  • Light distribution (both): 100 : 0 (100% for eyepiece), 80: 20(80% for trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece)
  • The integrated stage is safer than the traditional stage
Fluorescence Microscope with LED Lamp BK6000 Chongqing Scope

| Components of BK6000 Fluorescence Microscope

Quintuple turret phase contrast unit
  • Quintuple turret phase contrast unit with 10X/20X/40X/100X infinity plan phase contrast objective for phase contrast and bright field observation
Dark field condenser
  • N.A.0.9/0.13 Swing-out Condenser
  • Darkfield condenser(dry)available to 4X-40X Objective
  • Darkfield condenser (wet) available to 100X Objective
Infinity Plan Objectives
  • Infinity Plan Objectives
Polarizer, analyzer for a simple polarizing unit 2
  • Polarizer, analyzer for a simple polarizing unit
Six-hole disk fluorescence unit
  • Six-hole disk fluorescence unit, More fluorescence filters can be supplied

| BK6000 Fluorescence Microscope General Layout Diagram

| BK6000-FL Series Fluorescence Microscope Outfits

EyepieceWF10×/22mm (adjustable)●●
Infinity Plan ObjectivesPLAN 4×/0.10W.D.=12.10mm
PLAN 10×/0.25W.D.=4.64mm
PLAN 20×/0.40(S)W.D.=2.41mm
PLAN 40×/0.66(S)W.D.=0.65mm
PLAN 100×/1.25(S, Oil)W.D.=0.12mm
PLAN 2×/0.06W.D.=7.2mm
PLAN 60×/0.80(S)W.D.=0.33mm
PLAN 100×/1.15(S, W)W.D.=0.19mm
Integrated stage  Stage size: 182 mm×140mm, Travel range: 77mm×52mm, Two-slide holderUPlanFLN 10X/0.30W.D.=7.68mm
UPlanFLN 20X/0.50W.D.=1.96mm
UPlanFLN 40X/0.75W.D.=0.78mm
UPlanFLN 100X /1.30 (Oil)W.D.=0.15mm
Seidentopf Binocular HeadInclined 30°,rotatable 360°, Interpupilary distance:48mm-76mm
Seidentopf Trinocular HeadInclined 30°, rotatable 360°, Interpupilary distance:48mm-76mm,
Light distribution (both): 100: 0 (100% for eyepiece)80:20(80% for trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece)
Mechanical StageEpi fluorescence unit ( six-hole disc media which can be fixed with Uv /V/B/G and another filter) ,100W mercury lamp.
Swing Out CondenserN.A. 0.9/0.13, Swing out with iris diaphragm.
Koehler Illumination12V/30W Halogen Lamp Wide voltage input: 100V~240VField diaphragm, center adjustable
LED Illumination5W LED (DC input)Wide voltage: 100V~240VField diaphragm, center adjustable
Green /Amber /Grey
C-mount1×/0.5×/0.75×C-mount (focus adjustable
Fluorescence AttachmentEpi fluorescence unit ( six-hole disc media which can be fixed Uv /V/B/G and another filter), 5W LED fluorescence lamp.
Chinese Blue fluorescence filter
Chinese Green fluorescence filter
Chinese Violet fluorescence filter
Chinese Ultraviolet fluorescence filter
Darkfield condenser (dry), apply to 4×- 40× objective
Phase Contrast UnitQuintuple hole turret 10× /20× /40× /100× phase contrast objective
Independent slot10× /20× /40× /100× phase contrast objective
Dark Field UnitDarkfield condenser (wet), apply to 100× objective
Darkfield condenser (wet), applied to 100× objective
Polarizing AttachmentAnalyzer / Polarizer

Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

Packing Size:520mm×475mm×285mm     Gross Weight: 12 kgs     Net Weight: 10kgs

| BK6000 Fluorescence Microscope Size(mm)

BK6000 Fluorescence Microscope Size(mm)

| Epi Fluorescence Device

100W mercury fluorescence unit
100W mercury fluorescence unit
5W LED fluorescence unit
5W LED fluorescence unit

| China Fluorescence Flters Parameter List

China Fluorescence Flters Parameter List
 ItemExciter (nm)Dichroic (nm)Emitter (nm)
Ultraviolet excitationUV330-380400435
Violet excitationV380-420430460
Blue excitationB420-490505520
Green excitationG500-550575590


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