BDS400-FL Fluorescence Microscope

  • Professional Laboratory instrument
  • 40X~400X magnification, infinity optical microscope
  • It satisfies phase contrast and bright field observation at the same time
  • Observation is clear and the effect is good
  • A semi-apochromatic objective lens can be specially configured

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BDS400-FL fluorescence microscope is our best-selling microscope. This kind of fluorescence microscope combines the BDS400 and the fluorescence device to get a professional-grade fluorescence microscope. There are various color filters for fluorescence microscopes, please select the corresponding color filter according to the excitation light band. The push-pull color filter switch used in the inverted fluorescence microscope can only install up to four sets of color filters, please choose carefully.

BDS400 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
Fluorescence Microscope Installation BDS400-FL LED Illumination Microscope

| Features of BDS400-FL Fluorescence Microscope

  • Combining the advantages of our BDS400, it satisfies phase contrast and bright field observation at the same time
  • The fluorescence observation is very clear and the effect is very good, and a semi-apochromatic objective lens can be specially configured
  • The installation and use of the product are very simple, and there are special video explanations
  • Long working distance condenser N.A. 0.30, working distance: 72mm
  • Working distance: 195mm (without condenser), available for extra high culture dish
  • Large size stage, convenient for research.  Size: 240mm(X)× 210(Y)mm
  • A mechanical stage is available for the 96-hole plate.  Moving range: 128mm(X)× 80(Y)mm
  • Large diameter quintuple nosepieces can be installed more objectives, more convenient for use
  • Light distribution (both): 100 : 0 (100% for eyepiece); 80: 20 (80% for trinocular head and 20% for eyepiece)

| Culture Dish Holder of BDS400-FL Fluorescence Microscope

| Illumination of BDS Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Regarding fluorescence light sources for fluorescence microscopes, there are two commonly available options: 100W mercury lamps and 5W LED lamps.
Under mercury light source, 1~4 groups of fluorescent filters can be added. There is no change in appearance.
For LED light sources, groups 1 to 3 of fluorescent filters use our new integrated fluorescent device, and 4 group uses the previous style, as shown in the figure below.

100W Mercury lamp
1/2/3-GROUP LED lamp
4-GROUP LED lamp

| Objective Parameter List (Cover-glass thickness1.1mm)

 Objectives N.A.Working distance(mm)
LWD Infinity Plan ObjectivesL Plan FL 4X0.1112.1
L Plan FL 10X0.2510.3
L Plan FL 20X0.455.8
L Plan FL 40X0.655.1
LWD Infinity Plan Phase Contrast Objectives L Plan FL PHP 4X(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)0.109.2
L Plan FL PHP 10X(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)0.2510.3
L Plan FL PHP 20X(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)0.455.8
L Plan FL PHP 40X(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)0.655.1

| BDS400-FL Fluorescence Microscope Size(mm)

| BDS400-FL Fluorescence Microscope General Layout Diagram

| BDS400-FL Fluorescence Microscope Outfits

ItemSpecification Outfits
LWD Infinity Plan ObjectivesL Plan FL 4X/0.11W.D.=12.1mm
L Plan FL 10X/0.25W.D.=10.3mm
L Plan FL 20X/0.45W.D.=5.8mm
L Plan FL 40X/0.65W.D.=5.1mm
LWD Infinity Plan Phase Contrast ObjectivesL Plan FL PHP 4X/0.10(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)W.D.=9.2mm
L Plan FL PHP 10X/0.25(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)W.D.=10.3mm
L Plan FL PHP 20X/0.45(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)W.D.=5.8mm
L Plan FL PHP 40X/0.65(Both for Bright Field & Phase Contrast)W.D.=5.1mm
Annular Spot10×/20×/ 40×
SeidentopfTrinocular HeadInclined 45°, interpupilary distance: 48-76mmLight distribution (both): 100: 0(100% for eyepiece)80:20 (80% for trinocular head, and 20% for eyepiece)
SeidentopfTrinocular HeadInclined 45°, interpupillary distance: 48-76mmLight distribution (both): 100: 0(100% for eyepiece)80:20 (80% for trinocular head, and 20% for eyepiece)
Mechanical StageStage size: X×Y: 210×241mm, Round slide size: Φ110mm, Attached mechanical stage (available for 96 holes plate, moving range X×Y:128×80mm.) 
Culture Dish Holder65mm
blood cell counter
Glass Holder
Universal Holder
CondenserLong working distance, Quickly detachable, N.A.0.3, Working distance: 72mm (with condenser),195mm(without condenser).
Koehler Illumination12V/30W (universal voltage: 100V~240V)
5WLED DC input (universal voltage:100V~240V)
Amber /Grey
C-mount1 X /0.5X /0.75X C-Mount (focus adjustable)
Epi Fluorescence IlluminationEpi fluorescence media unit, field diaphragm, center adjustable.
100W mercury lamp, 5WLED(input voltage:100V~240V)
B, G, V, UV fluorescence filters can be chosen
Infinity Fluorescence objectiveL Plan Fluor 10X/0.3   W.D.=10mm
L Plan Fluor 20X/0.45   W.D.=6.6mm
L Plan Fluor 40X/0.6   W.D.=3.5mm

Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

Packing Size: 660mm×590mm×325mm  Gross Weight: 18 kgs   Net Weight: 13.5 kgs

| Epi Fluorescence Device

100W mercury fluorescence unit
5W LED fluorescence unit
Integrated LED Fluorescent Device

| China Fluorescence Flters Parameter List

China Fluorescence Flters Parameter List
 ItemExciter (nm)Dichroic (nm)Emitter (nm)
Ultraviolet excitationUV330-380400435
Violet excitationV380-420430460
Blue excitationB420-490505520
Green excitationG500-550575590


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