B Series Biological Microscope

  • Student level instrument
  • Finite-distance optical systems
  • Finite optical system, achromatic, and plan objectives
  • LED low-voltage lighting
  • Monocular/ binocular/ trinocular

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B Series Biological Microscope is a kind of biological microscope. It is a student-level biological microscope with an arc-shaped arm design, which is easy to carry and carry. This series of products all adopt finite-distance optical systems. The objective lens has the difference between achromatic and plan achromatic. At present, only LED low-voltage lighting is provided. According to the head type, it can be divided into monocular, binocular, and trinocular.

Binocular Biological Microscope Student Level Teaching Instrument B204

| Features of B Series Biological Microscope

  1. Brand New And Humanized Butterfly Binocular Head-Tubes Can Be 360°Rotated To Raise Observing Height 44mm Than Normal Tubes To Be More Convenient For Users With Different Height.
  1. 5V-12V Low Voltage Input To Ensure Safe Use
  1. Built-in LED Illumination System Which Can Be Powered with a Power Bank, Laptop, and Vehicle Power Supply Ensure is used Anywhere and in Any Condition.
  1. Achromatic Objectives And Plan Objectives

| Applications of Student-Level Biological Microscope

  • Cells: Students can use microscopes to examine the different types of cells that make up the human body and other organisms. They can also observe the structure of cells and how they function.
  • Tissues: Microscopes can be used to study the different types of tissues that make up organs and other body structures. Students can learn about the different types of cells that make up each tissue and how they work together.
  • Organisms: Microscopes can be used to examine small organisms, such as bacteria, protozoa, and algae. Students can learn about the structure and function of these organisms and how they interact with their environment.

| Specifications of B Series Biological Microscope

EyepieceWF 10×-18 mm(Pointer is optional)●●●●
WF 10×-18 mm(Pointer)○○○○
WF 10×-18 mm(adjustable, 0.1 mm)○○○○
WF 16×-13 mm○○○○
WF15X/-13 mm○○○○
AchromaticObjective4X/0.10  W.D=18.6mm 
10X/0.25  W.D=6.5mm 
40 X/0.65 (S)  W.D=0.47mm 
100 X/1.25(S,Oil)  W.D=0.07mm 
20 X/0.40  W.D=1.75mm 
60 X/0.80(S)  W.D=0.10mm 
Plan Objective4X/0.10  W.D.=14.5mm  
10X/0.25  W.D.=5.65mm  
40X/0.65(S)  W.D.=0.85mm  
100 X/1.25(S,Oil) W.D.=0.07mm  
20X/0.40  W.D.=5.65mm  
Monocular HeadInclined 30°, Rotatable 360°  
Butterfly Seidentopf Binocular HeadInclined 30°, Rotatable 360°, Interpupillary Distance 48-75mm, Light Distribution 20:80 
Butterfly SeidentopfTrinocular HeadInclined 30°, Rotatable 360°, Interpupilary Distance 48-75mm, Light Distribution 20:80
Focusing KnobsCoaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing KnobsTravel Range: 22mm, Scale: 2µm
Mechanical StageStage Size:125mm×115mm, Travel: 35mm×75mm
CondenserAbbe N.A. 1.25(Iris Diaphragm)
Dark Field RingAvailable For 4×-40× Objective
Polarizing AttachmentAnalyzer / Polarizer
MirrorPlano-concave mirror
C-mount1×/ 0.5×(Focus Adjustable)   
Base3WLED Illumination Systems(DC input)
External power adapter and data cable

Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

Packing Size: 337mm×242mm×417mm     Gross Weight: 6.5 kgs     Net Weight: 5.0kgs

| Why Choose Us?

We have our own microscope factory, which produces microscopes ranging from student-grade to research-grade microscopes. All kinds of qualification certificates are complete, and relevant certificates such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, CE, etc. can be provided. After-sales and quality of products From production to use, we provide a full range of services.



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